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Ara Shoes

For over six decades, Ara womans shoes have been renowned for a wide variety of ladies shoe fashions which are of the highest quality, combining stylish designs with a perfect fit. Split into Jenny by Ara and Ara shoes subsections, the company now has production sites throughout the world however they still remain a family business and so maintain the control over quality and style.  With the help of their trend spotters in the great metropolitan cities of the world, Ara make sure that every collection meets the wishes and expectations of their female customers. Ara womens shoes are created by a production process which requires intensive hand-crafting and this process can be made up of over 130 individual operations. Only carefully selected materials are used in the manufacture of Ara shoes.

Ara ladies shoes go through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure the high quality of Ara shoes is maintained. The perfect Ara fit is achieved by considering the foot as a three dimensional work of art. Special features such as a range of widths, flexible materials and half sizes ensure that the shoe adapts to the foot, not the foot to the shoe. Specially developed Ara functions such as shock absorptions and superior breathability deliver tangible benefits in the form of comfort walking. At Beggs, we stock both Jenny by Ara shoes and Ara Shoes for ladies. The collection of Jenny Ara shoes includes comfortable yet stylish pumps, light summer shoes and soft loafers. The Ara collection includes dressy walking shoes, evening shoes and comfortable everyday shoes.


The basis for your well-being

All Ara shoes come with a removable footbed which can easily be exchanged and refitted making it the perfect shoe for those who have to wear their own specially designed footbeds. It ensures your shoes are anatomically fitted as it has been designed to adapt to the anatomy of your feet from heel to toe. This ensures your muscles, bones, jones and ligaments in your feet are relieved from stress.


Ara Shoes

Soft Gel - Takes the stress out of walking

This great feature in Ara shoes takes the stress out of walking due to the memory function, the high-tech gel returns to it's original shape so every step is like walking on air. The integrated gel pads ensure ultimate comfort by distributing the body weight which relieves stress exerted on muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons.

Ara Shoes

Featherlight Shoes

As Ara shoes are featherlight, they give you maximum comfort and pleasurable walking and they relieve legs and feet from strain which alleviates tiredness and pain particularly when travelling. The lightness of the outsole and the high-tech materials ensure a reduced overall weight

Ara Shoes

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