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Shopping With Us - Customer Safety Information

We are looking forward to welcoming you back in store but your shopping experience may look and feel a little different than what you are accustomed to.

Stores will resume offering Expert Shoe Fitting for all the family, with the use of hygiene, distancing and PPE to make Kids Fitting (for example) as safe as possible. We will also be offering Click and Collect for convenient local pickup - often same day as your order.

All of the Begg Shoes stores will be implementing safety measures to ensure the safety of both our customers and colleagues. We ask that you adhere to these guidelines when you visit us in store. Below are the key areas of change for customers, but there is a great deal more happening 'behind the scenes' with our store teams to ensure safety.

1. Booking an Appointment

2. Store Capacity Limit

3. Sanitising Stations

4. Keeping Your Distance

5. Trying On Shoes

6. Paying at the Till

7. Contact Us

To find out your local store opening hours, please visit our Store Finder for more information.

Book an Appointment Begg Shoes

Book an Appointment

We are delighted to introduce our brand new online booking system, where you can secure time (and peace of mind) when visiting our expert shoe fitters in stores. Stores will offer two types of appointment:

Kids Fitting Appointments

Whether you are bringing in your little one for first shoes, or your child has had a growth spurt and needs new shoes, our Kids Fitting Appointments are perfect.

We know that expert shoe fitting (done properly) requires close proximity and we have taken measures to make this possible. Please see the Kids Fitting Booking Page for a full summary on our Safe Fitting Methodology.

Private Shopping Appointments

As life begins to return to a new normal, we hope that our private shopping appointments will make life a little easier for our more vulnerable customers, or for larger family groups. 

The stores will be closed to the general public during booked times. Available slots vary but will generally be at the beginning of the day, allowing us to thoroughly clean the store environment prior to your arrival.

Full information is available on the booking page. The private shopping experience is ideal for:

  • Those who may be vulnerable (but are permitted to leave home)
  • Larger family groups 
  • Those with special needs that we can accommodate in closed stores, such as Autism


Book a Kids Fitting Appointment Book a Private Shopping Appointment


Store Capacity Limit Begg Shoes Covid-19

Store Capacity Limit

Each of our stores will have their own Store Capacity Limit. This will indicate the maximum number of persons within the store, including customers and colleagues. The Store Capacity Limit will be displayed on the front door, and will depend on the size of the store.

If the store is at its limit, there will be markings outside the shop indicating where to wait in the queue.

Our stores will be taking a common sense approach towards family groups, for example a mother and child arriving together may be counted as one visitor, provided this does not compromise the safety of others in the store, including our colleagues.

Sanitising Station Begg Shoes Covid-19

Sanitising Stations in All Stores

As you will by now be familiar, scientific advice has encouraged regular hand washing for all. With this in mind, we will have sanitising stations at the front door of all our stores.

Every customer entering the store is required to use hand sanitiser before handling any of our products, surfaces or fittings, within our store. We would also encourage you to use hand sanitiser before leaving our store, for your own safety and peace of mind.

Our colleagues following a very strict hygiene protocol within store, including regularly washing their hands and using hand sanitiser throughout the day, including between every customer interaction.

Keep Your Distance Begg Shoes Covid-19

Keep Your Distance

We ask that you please maintain your distance from others in store. Currently, the 2 meter rule is in force and we kindly ask that you stick to it. We will continuously review the best store layouts and limits to allow everyone to have comfortable and easy spacing.

The nature of our stores is generally fairly quiet and peaceful and customers can easily see from one side, to another. There is plenty space to move around freely and its easy to see others coming from a distance. We have made changes to floor spaces to make it easy to move around, while also maintaining distance from others if required.

While our Store Capacity Limit is in force, distancing should be easy for everyone and we feel that currently none of our stores require a one way system, but this will be subject to continuous review.

Trying On Shoes Begg Shoes Covid-19

Trying On Shoes

One of the most important parts of buying shoes is, of course, trying them on. If you wish to try on a style or a few styles, please let one of our colleagues know and we will assist for you, from a safe distance.

Our colleagues will fetch, open and present a fantastic selection for you, from a safe distance, then allow you to try the shoes on at your leisure. For adult customers, there will be no requirement for less than 2 meters distancing during our normal customer service process.

We ask that customers MUST try shoes on with socks, and we will have spare pop socks for you to use if you should forget to bring your own. We also ask that if you use our disposable pop socks, that you dispose of these yourself.

Children's Shoe Fitting

We know that many little feet have grown to be not so little any more, and very little ones have been using this time to find their feet and take their first steps.

We are pleased to be able to offer our Professional Children's Fitting service in our stores once again. reopen, and we have taken precautions to ensure the safety of our youngest visitors.

Along with PPE, fitting screens and hand washing before and after, we have taken all appropriate measures to ensure we can offer this service in a safe manner.

Paying At the Till Begg Shoes Covid-19

Paying at the Till

Where possible, we ask that customer pay by card. We will have a 2 meter Till Zone and ask that customers maintain a distance of 2 metres away from our colleagues at the till. Our colleagues will wash their hands before and after every transaction, as well as cleaning all surfaces touched such as the card machine and desk.

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