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Rieker Shoes was founded in 1874 in Southern Germany and very quickly built up a reputation for producing quality footwear. Rieker own their own production units in North Africa, Vietnam and Eastern Europe which enables them to maintain quality control over all of their products. The key component in Rieker shoes which make them so comfortable is the Rieker Antistress technology embedded within their footwear. This particular construction allows Rieker shoes to be extremely light, absorb shock on various surfaces, allows for maximum flexibility and room for the parts of the foot which expand during all day wear.

This innovative design not only makes the shoes very comfortable but also allows Rieker to make shoes which are fashionable and can be adapted each season to keep up with fashion trends. If you want footwear which is different, yet fashionable with a great level of comfort then you should have a look through our range of Rieker women's shoes and Rieker Mens Shoes. For the younger one you could even browse through our Rieker Kids Shoes.


The Product

Rieker shoes are a lot more than decorative or fashionable shoes as they offer more with their functional features.  Special construction has gone into every shoe which utilises lightweight and elastic components to achieve their special antistress features. 

Those features are:Rieker shoes

- minimum weight

- optimum shock absorption on varying surfaces

- maximum reflexibility (what we call the ´barefoot´ feeling)

- a construction that devotes space to areas where the foot expands through the day


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