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Superfit is the leading supplier of children’s shoes within Europe, with over 70 years of experience of developing and producing children’s shoes this is a brand that takes accountability for ensuring children’s feet can maintain a healthy development through their childhood. Superfit is an Austrian company, with its headquarters based in Graz, this is where the designers set to work to create exciting designs interlaced with superior quality. Superfit has worked with paediatricians through the years as well as using the most recent scientific research to create the optimum designs for children’s feet.

The company also uses the latest technologies within their shoes, such as Gore-Tex Surround which allows the shoes to be breathable even though the sole unit and yet maintain a waterproof structure. As well as this, Superfit manufactures shoes using direct moulding of the sole unit. This entails the dole unit being directly injected onto the last of the shoe without the use of adhesive which means the unit is stronger and lighter than if adhesive is used. The use of all of these resources and many more is why Superfit is a leader within the children’s footwear market.

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