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Legero Shoes

Legero ShoesThe Legero brand’s slogan is to make shoes which are your feet’s favorite so they endeavor to create shoes which are light, comfortable and have innovative designs. This Austrian footwear brand first started producing shoes back in 1875 and has adapted to each footwear trend through the years, keeping up with the latest technologies, designs and colours. Legero produces women’s footwear which is functional, using technology such as Gore-Tex Surround and Direct-Injection moulding to craft shoes which are of high quality and superior comfort. Gore-Tex Surround is a technology which allows the shoes to be completely breathable, even throughout the sole unit, and yet maintain the effectiveness of the waterproofing. The Direct-Injection moulding allows the shoes to be light and durable as it is proven to be more effective than using adhesive within the construction.

Legero women’s shoes are designed not only to be worn during certain seasons but to provide women with shoes they can wear all year round, looking good for practical functions but also fashionable enough that they can be worn on in the city as well as the country. As Begg Shoes is a Legero Stockist you'll be sure to find a great selection of Legero shoes in our online shop. Our range of Legero shoes are also available in our shoe shops in Inverness, Elgin, Perth, Kirkwall, Lerwick, Peterhead & Inverurie.