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One of the things we love about Ruby Shoo shoes is the fact is that each pair has a perfectly matching bag which are the ideal solution to finish off your look for that special occasion. From simple clutch bags to cute little grab bags we have it all. Their bags feature the same fabrics as their shoes, from brocades to to floral accents your look will be complete. 

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If you have a browse through our sale items you will find some Ruby Shoo sale items with as much as £15 savings on some of the styles. Once our Ruby Shoo shoes are on sale they will stay that price & you won't miss out. But don't wait too long, because once they're gone they're gone. Often items in our sale have limited sizes or limited quantities left so we can't guarantee you will always find the style you want in the size you need. That's why it's always best, if you fall in love with a pair get them then & there.

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Ruby Shoo Shoes are perfect if you're looking for a pair of shoes to show off your individuality and style. They have become world famous for being sophisticated, quirky and fun and incorporate their contemporary vision with a vintage flare. The company which was established in 2010 takes a unique approach to footwear to focus on timeless pieces with a unique twist. They have shot to superstardom since and now Ruby Shoo are now some of the most sought after. As the years went on Ruby Shoo saw a demand for matching handbags and so expanded to include accompanying bags which have been designed to match the unique shoes. This means you can now creating perfect outfit with a matching set for that special occasion. 

The collection of Ruby Shoo shoes and Ruby Shoo bags at Begg Shoes is made up of classic stilettos which have been embellished with fine details which deliver an individual style to every stylish woman’s wardrobe.  They incorporate bright and/or bold colours, unique materials and of course their interesting heel designs. So if you’re heading on a night out or perhaps you have a formal occasion to go to, they you're looking in the right place. You'll be sure to make statement in a matching pair of Ruby Shoo shoes and bag. If that special occasion is your wedding day, then browse through our range of Ruby Shoo's as brides-to-be could even buy a pair as quirky wedding shoes! Have a browse through our collection of Ruby Shoo shoes online or visit us in store and try on a pair. Begg Shoes is an official outlet of Ruby Shoo's so you're sure to find something to suit your style.

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