Womens Comfort Lacing Shoes

Comfort is a speciality at Begg Shoes so take a browse through our range of Comfortable Lacing Shoes featuring the softest leathers and superb construction. We stock a wide variety of footwear from top comfort brands such as Rieker, Remonte and Ecco as well as exclusive brands to Begg Shoes such as IMAC and Creator.

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Comfort Lacing Shoes

Probably the most abused part of our bodies, our feet deserve a treat and a pair of comfortable shoes offers just that. We are all guilty of wearing shoes that don’t fit, or give us blisters, or make the balls of our feet ache; shoes that make your feet sigh with relief when you finally slip them off. For us at Begg Shoes, your footwear should be a joy to wear, making you smile when you slip them on and giving instantaneous comfort.

Many brands are now crafting stylish comfort based shoes, the use of modern technologies blended with traditional techniques makes finding your perfect shoes easier than ever. Contoured insoles help to support the feet while cushioning and memory foams help you to feel like you’re walking on air.

Leather, suede and nubuck uppers allow the shoes to mould to the contours of the feet while offering a breathability that increases the overall comfort of the shoes while man-made uppers are often more affordable.

The construction method used has a bearing on the comfort of shoes as well. Stitch construction makes footwear incredibly flexible but means it needs a little TLC before it’s worn out in the rain. Cement construction glues the sole unit to the bottom of the upper which has been pulled around the base of the last. Injection moulding takes a molten material and injects it directly into a mould placed over the base of the upper, this then cools creating a sole unit which has directly bonded to the upper.

Lace fastenings are fantastic for offering additional comfort on shoes. Laces allow the shoes to be adjusted to your unique foot shape. For example, a narrower heel can be combatted by tightening the laces around the ankle while a bunion can be accommodated by loosening the laces over the ball of the feet.  The number of eyelets and positioning of the laces affect the fit and adjustability of the shoes.

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