Legero Ankle Boots


Legero Boots are known for their fantastic functional and comfortable designs.  This brand of footwear creates ankle boots that light and supportive and some of their styles feature GORE-TEX technology ensuring your feet stay warm & dry! Most of their boots feature removable insoles allowing you to use your own orthotics or to provide you with a more roomier fit. Our full collection of Legero shoes are available online or visit us in store to get yourself professionally fitted. 

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Legero Boots

This high quality brand from Austria was founded in 1872 and is currently one the leading brands of European footwear.

One of the great features of Legero ankle boots is that they are lightweight allowing you to move comfortable while still maintaining their functional protection. Their boots have a modern yet sporty design while their uncompromising and lightweight construction is innovative. The philosophy of this brand is that they want to conquer people's hearts through their feet which is why the slogan: 


perfectly reflects the company’s ambition to be the preferred brand of casual shoes for every occasion. What's great about a pair of Legero ankle boots is that they are the perfect boots to take you from cool days in autumn to snowy wet days in winter especially if you've opted for a pair made with GORE-TEX technology. Their boots are idea in wet & dry conditions, both in the city and in the great outdoors. Their boots are manufactured using only the best leathers - whether it's a smooth leather or a textured suede.

If it's not a pair of boots you're after, check out our range of Legero Comfort Lacing Shoes online & in store.

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