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Rieker heels are popular because they are so comfortable to wear thanks to Rieker’s Anti-Stress technology.  Rieker brings back popular styles with updates influenced by the latest fashion trends and also release innovative new styles each season.  Whether you’re looking for an everyday comfort shoe or a sandal we have a wide variety of Rieker heeled shoes to choose from.  At the end of each season a selection of shoes go into our Rieker Heels Sale.

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Rieker Ladies Heels

Rieker shoes are renowned for being fabulously comfortable and have built up a loyal fan base who loves their comfort and style.  Some styles are so popular they appear year after year without any changes.  Some designs are based on lasts that have been used for years as they are a tried and tested success but the uppers are changed to reflect the latest trends.  For while Rieker’s primary aim is a comfortable fit, they also keep abreast of the latest fashions and incorporate these into their designs.  They use premium materials such as leather and high quality synthetics, each chosen for the benefits they bring to the shoe.

Rieker’s unique selling point is their patented Anti Stress Technology.  This is comprised of four aspects: a lighter weight shoe, shock absorption on varying surfaces, reflexibility and a roomier shoe construction.  Most of these points are fairly self-explanatory but reflexibility is the one that baffles most customers.  Put simply put it means you have the energy you put through the foot while walking returned through the shoe to you so it requires less effort when you walk.  Not only will Rieker shoes be comfortable to wear but they can also help prevent foot problems.  They are also a good choice if you already have a foot problem such as corns or calluses.

Heels for all season

Women love to wear heels in all seasons and Rieker have a fantastic range in a variety of styles.  Shoes boots are always a popular choice for Autumn/Winter and you would look effortlessly stylish in Rieker 57173/35 Addicap.  Earthy tones are also a popular trend for Autumn/Winter such as Rieker 53852-25 Miromix.  Spring can be tricky but you can wear a lighter style of everyday shoe with Rieker 53861/12 Mirotti. Summer means sandals whether for warmer days at home or holidays abroad and Rieker 62470-64 Fawnvel is a fantastic choice for either. 

Everyone wants a pair of comfortable shoes to wear to work and Rieker shoes are a popular choice for our customers.  Rieker have options for black work shoes for every season with Rieker 41781/00 Sarcaz for Autumn/Winter and Rieker 41793/00 Sarmill for Spring/Summer.  These also make a great shoe for everyday wear while walking around town on errands.

Rieker Heels Sizes

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Rieker heels size 8

Rieker Sale Heels

At the end of every season we have a sale and a selection of Rieker women’s heeled shoes will be marked down in price.  The good news is that once they are at that price they won’t go back to full price.  However, the bad news is that they are usually only available in limited sizes and quantity so once they are gone, they’re gone.  So if you see something you like make sure you buy it while it’s still available.

Buy your Rieker women’s heeled shoes from Begg Shoes, an official Rieker stockist.

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