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Jenny is a sub-brand of Ara Shoes which is one of Germany's largest quality shoe manufacturers. Believe it or not, Ara are much bigger than their rivals Gabor Shoes worldwide but as brands in the UK, Gabor is much bigger than Ara.

The brand Jenny came about as the owner of Ara Shoes decided to create a brand name in memory of his wife - named "Jenny".  In our opinion, Ara Shoes are slightly higher quality than Gabor and therefore are a premium brand with some beautiful ladies shoes, sandals and boots. 

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What's the difference between Jenny and Ara?

The main difference is the materials used and therefore the price of the shoes. In general, Jenny shoes and boots are always cheaper than Ara Shoes and this is down to different material specifications and simpler construction methods used.

Typically Jenny will use man-made materials instead of leather and this is common among other major German brands such as Rieker Shoes.  The cost of man-made materials is much lower than leather and as a result, the shoes cost less to make and this saving is passed on to customers.

How can I find Jenny Shoes on

We have made the decision to keep Ara and Jenny Shoes together on our website to minimise confusion for you - our customers! As explained above, the shoes come from the same factories, the only difference is the materials. Jenny Shoes can be found in the same place as Ara Shoes, except they are named Jenny by Ara to help you find them. 

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