Clarks shoes for girls cover every age and style you need from their first steps to playing sport to going to school.  Practical shoes for playing games sit alongside patent party shoes that look cute with a dress and ankle socks.  Whether it’s pretty pink, vibrant yellow or shimmering metallic you will find something that catches their eye to make them smile as every girl loves pretty shoes.  The seasons are catered for with boots and wellingtons for winter and canvas shoes and sandals for summer.  Children’s feet grow so fast so it’s always great to find fantastic quality shoes at discounted prices, check out our Clarks girls sale shoes for some unbelievable bargains!

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Girls Clarks Shoes

From their first steps, children need shoes to protect and support their feet.  Children’s shoes need to fit well in order not to damage their feet as they grow and develop so it is important to ensure your daughter’s feet are professionally measured and the shoes provide the right support.  Clarks are experts in producing shoes to suit each stage of development to ensure happy and healthy feet.

Clarks have developed a range of technologies to ensure the comfort of your little girl’s feet: 

Agion linings ensure the health and hygiene of shoes and feet through a range of zeolite minerals embedded in the lining.  These include ionic silver which actively prevents the multiplication of microbes that can cause shoes and feet to smell, so feet will feel fresh all day. 

Air Spring FX technology is a unique footbed made of an open-cell structure that sits between the sole and inner sock to cushion each step.  This Ortholite footbed also has moisture-wicking properties to help draw perspiration from the foot to keep it feeling cool.

Because children like to play outside whatever the weather, and accidents can happen during activities like painting, Clarks have made some of their shoes machine washable.  Follow their instructions to keep shoes looking and smelling fresh.

Gore-Tex linings keep feet dry even in the wettest weather and Clarks use this superior waterproof lining for its kids shoes and boots.  For winter Gore-Tex is combined with a high performance insulating lining to keep feet warm and dry.  Gore-Tex is also breathable and allows moisture to escape the shoe so can also be worn in warmer weather knowing active feet will stay dry and not too hot. 

Styles of shoes

Like adults, children require various types of shoes for assorted activities and the changing weather of different seasons.  Their feet are always growing so usually a pair of shoes will only last one season (although if kept in good condition they could be used for a sibling or friend in the future). 

Kids First Shoes & Prewalkers Shoes 

From the second your daughter can sit up independently she will be off exploring the world around her.  Whether she learns to crawl, scoot or creep crab-wise across the floor she will be starting to develop the strength to stand up.  After crawling comes cruising – pulling herself up and standing using anything as a support, even you – so her super soft feet may need some assistance and support although it is best for children to have bare feet at this stage.  Clarks prewalkers are designed to fit the shape of her foot, provide support and protection, and are made of the softest materials with seam-free linings for comfort.  Clarks 2938-56f Little Hen is a classic pre-walking shoe in a cute pink colour and with riptape fastenings to ensure the shoes stay securely on the foot.

Once they’re walking there’s no stopping them and going barefoot isn’t really an option although it is still the best choice for your child if you’re at home.  There might be a few false starts and tiny tantrums when falling over but you can ensure their feet are protected with high-quality shoes.  Little girl’s often want to look pretty and pretend to be a princess and Clarks 3122-26f Yarn Jump is perfect for this.


With sporty ankle boots for summer and leather long boots for winter, you’re spoiled for choice with the offering of boots from Clarks.  Whether it’s a first shoe or a grown-up style for your almost-teenager Clarks have a style suitable for your daughter.  For a sophisticated and practical winter look try Clarks Rheago Gore-tex to create a gorgeous mini-me style for your little girl.


It wouldn’t be summer without a pair of sandals whether you’re taking your little girl to the beach or the park.  Super soft and supportive sandals mean your little one can play all day in comfort. 


The classic children’s canvas trainer is a classic choice for summer for either staying at home or going away.  These shoes are instantly evocative of building sandcastles on the beach or having ice-creams in the park.  Available in a wide variety of colours and prints you are sure to find something your little girl will love with Clarks Halcy Haiti or Clarks Comic Cool.  Some baby canvas styles such as Clarks 3166-47g Briley Bow are part of the iconic Kids Clarks Doodles range.

School shoes 

Clarks girls school shoes need to be smart and supportive to give children a sense of pride in their appearance and look after their feet through the hours they spend in various activities at school.  As your child will spend a lot of time wearing their school shoes it is worth investing in a good quality pair of shoes that will provide comfort and support.

Girls Clarks Slippers 

Prevent chilly feet in the mornings and before going to bed with a cosy pair of slippers.


Trainers are not just for sport but a great comfortable casual shoe.  Clarks have a range of styles from lace-up, to slip-on and riptape fastenings

Kids Clarks Wellies 

Perfect for rainy days or splashing in puddles wellingtons are essential for outdoor play in wet weather.

Girls Clarks Shoe Sale

Twice a year we have a sale and a selection of shoes goes into our Girls Clarks Shoe Sale, a great opportunity for you to buy great quality kids shoes at bargain prices.

Professional fitting service

You can pop into one of our stores to have your child’s feet professionally measured and fitted: Inverness, Inverurie, Elgin, Peterhead, Kirkwall and Lerwick.

Buy your Girls Clarks Shoes from Begg Shoes, an official Clarks stockist.

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